Never too early to talk fall fashion

Recently, I stumbled upon couple really great finds at my ever favorite boutique...Target. While I truly hate to think about it cooler weather is on the way and while I'd rather lay in the sun then the snow, fall does get me excited about breaking out jeans, boots, sweaters and scarves!

This over sized bag is so darn cute (and CHEAP)! Plus, you can hold a ton of stuff and find it easily and as a mom, I typically have one, or in some cases two, of everything from our house. It's made of an easy to clean "non-leather" material- aka not an investment piece but one you should use and not worry about what happens to it (PB&J sandwiches and juice boxes inside, half of the beach, muddy footprints from being stomped on while entering my van, you get the picture) Order one for $11.54 and add it to your fall wardrobe.

My second great score was the yellow cheerful scarf, also pictured with the bag. I LOVE scarves, I think they make me look as if I've actually put some time and energy into my outfit when in reality all of my time and effort has gone into what the boys are wearing and they most likely don't have matching socks on. Get it here, they're on clearance though so go now!

My third and unexpected item is from what is becoming one of my favorite stores- MODE. Lucky for me I have a personal shopper who emails me pics of herself wearing the clothes and then tells me I "must" have them. In fact, I think you should check her out on her own blog here. Did I mention she's super cool and she's had the good sense and fortune to have been my friend for the past 25 plus years? ;-)

Back to the outfit....

MODE had a ton of great pieces that are all reasonably priced. This cute dress only ran me $43 and considering it's a designer piece is usually sold for upwards of $130, I'd call it a steal. It's comfortable, cute and apparently since it is hand-wash, Mindi will also stop by to take care of that when needed. Check them out here and on Facebook!


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