Long gone are the days of daily showers, flat irons and bronzer. There's little point in showering in the morning when I know I'll soon be covered in sunscreen and sweat.  You won't find me running around in sweatpants and old baggy t-shirts though. My daily uniform may have changed but not my love of clothes. It was a strange feeling taking out all of my office wardrobe and replacing it with t-shirts, but it just doesn't make sense for me to have all of my dress pants hanging up when I will rarely need them now. I have a decorative sign in my bathroom that reads, "Royal Decree: There can never be enough dress up clothes." Choosing a cute outfit for work was something I really enjoyed; heels, pencil skirts, sharp looking jackets! I am trying to find a similar feeling with my new wardrobe, which is still a work in progress.

Here are a list of things that are a must in my new wardrobe:
1. Functional: As in, must allow me to run, jump, crawl, etc. at a moment's notice. :)
2. POCKETS: If I can have a place to carry a chap stick, phone and cash, it's a good outfit.
3. Easy Care: I take much better care of the boys' clothing (for instance, I air-dry them rather than beat them up in a hot drier) but my clothes need to be able to toss in the wash and not worry about how they'll come out.

I've found that my best bets for finding clothes that fit these criteria are Target, Old Navy and even Ann Taylor Loft. The challenge I'm not particularly looking forward to is finding jeans this fall. I really don't want to spend much on jeans when I know they are going to really put to the test, but I also don't want "cheap" jeans that are unflattering, I may want functional clothing, but I'm not about to give up on looking semi-fashionable. :)


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