My life is on Facebook

A friend of mine (who just so happens to have a SUPER cool website/blog of her own...Minnesota Baby) recently posted a picture of her daughter wearing a shirt which said, "My life is on Facebook". I commented on the picture, saying that I needed those for the boys- I don't think a day goes by that I don't update the cyber world on what my boys are doing, have done, eaten, played with, visited. Most of the time I post these updates or photos without thinking about who's newsfeed they will pop up on and just post them. In some way, I use Facebook, this blog, Instagram, as a sort of virtual baby book.

But...I will admit that it is fun to see how many "friends" agree that the photo of Cooper taking off on his new bike for the first time is the best photo they've seen all day and that he really IS the most talented three-year-old ever.  Or that the video of Parker dancing around the living room, swinging his arms from side to side nearly taking out his older brother makes others laugh as hard as it did me. And when I only get two "likes" on a photo of the boys' big smiling faces with a beautiful sunset in the background I think, "What?! How could people not like this one?"

I happen to love when I open up my laptop and log into Facebook to see pictures of my friends' kids or their vacation, I'll even take the time to look at the picture of their beautiful plate of food from some new restaurant they just tried. I like being connected and in the know, so to speak. I'm truly interested in what people are doing, where they are going, seeing, tasting. It inspires me to get out and try those same things, or gives me ideas on the next  party to plan or meal to make.

If you know me, you will know that I wear my heart on my sleeve. A heart that wants to soak up every second I have with my kids, my family and friends. I don't want this entry to turn into a reveling of what I think our existence on earth is all about, but hey- we get a very short time here- why not share part of it with others? I'm all about keeping some things private, for instance; I did not post in the middle of the night nearly four years ago, "Oh my gosh! Water just broke!! Headed to Fairview Southdale to have this baby!!" Nope, no one (other my brother in law who lived with us) even knew we were having Cooper until our co workers saw that we had failed to show up for work later that day. And it is becoming very rare that I post about my other half simply because he is the exact opposite of me and would like EVERYTHING he does to remain quite.

I am and always will be a proud mom, sister, daughter, wife, friend and will cheer for and shout to the world my loved ones accomplishments. Maybe my boys will groan and roll their eyes at me someday when a friend searches the web and stumbles upon that picture of the two of them splashing in the tub, but that's ok. I'll keep sharing our life with "you" and I hope you do the same.


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