To making it a great year everyday

Happy New Year!  I'm all about making goals and setting deadlines to accomplish them so in the spirit of a new year I'm listing a few things I'll be working on over the course of 2014.

1. Worry less- I can create unnecessary anxiety for myself and take out my worry in the form of frustration
2. Be proud of my progress- when I was pregnant I photographed my progress (growth) each week. But when it come to gaining muscle and losing fat I am totally scared to document it because it is so much harder to see results. This fall I actually noticed the muscle that had suddenly appeared on my arms. I had wished that I had a pictured from a year prior when I had seriously started weight training to compare.
4. Be more organized- meal planning specifically. I want to plan out our week to help cut down on the multiple trips to the grocery store
5. Make my own money- I want to find a way to make myself some "extra" money.

To start things off, I'm starting with blogging more. What better to blog about then what I love- healthy eating and fitness

If you are a member of CostCo you may have seen this bag of super food in the cooler section. I LOVE this bag-of-goodness (I should say I toss the dressing that comes with it and use lemon juice or vinaigrette of my own) and 99% of my lunches look like this:

My other food choices today have included:
1/2 banana
1whole egg and eggwhite of 1 egg scrambled with 4 grape tomatoes
1 slice 100%whole wheat toast

Tonight will be homemade chili (extra lean beef, kidney beans, tomato sauce, dice tomatoes, chili powder, onion)

I'll also have about 60ounces of water by days end.

Workout today was:
20 min cardio (sprints and hills)
Weights (Arms and shoulders)


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