Half Way!

We are officially half way to meeting Baby #3! The question now: is it all uphill or downhill from here? I'm hoping that things will just keep getting better in comparison to the first 20 weeks. Whoa! I still have heartburn at the sight of most foods and eating generally makes me feel ill, but other than that we're good! ;-) I really shouldn't complain, the past few weeks haven't been as bad. Plus, I feel like I have more of my energy back, which helps with feeling so sick.

Our anatomy ultrasound will be right before Valentine's Day and while we won't be finding out the baby's gender (just like we didn't find out with either of the boys) it will be exciting to see this little person! I've been telling people that rather than knowing the gender I want to know hair color! With neither my husband or I have red hair and having two little boys with very red hair I'm curious if our luck will continue with our third baby.

I've still been getting myself out of bed to attend the small group classes four mornings a week and trying to run one or two days. Today was a turning point however as I can no longer lay on my stomach comfortably and do exercises.  I have felt very "thick" for awhile, but I now more people are pointing out that I am noticeably pregnant. If this is half way, does that mean I will only get twice this round?! One can hope.


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