The other day it occurred to me that I was no longer the high-heeled strutting, pencil skirt wearing, looks like she baths regularly girl I used to be. You would think it would have hit be sooner seeing that I haven't been in an actual paid working position for a few years now. I am aware that I have a closet full of beautiful 4" heels that are collecting dust and my feet are most often doting six year old Nike's with grass stains.  I'm also aware that I now almost feel awkward putting on a skirt instead of jeans or running tights. It feels like I'm playing pretend or that I'm not feminine enough for that anymore?
This all hit me when I saw a (beautiful) picture of my friend Mindi- find her super cool blog HERE. Not to say Mindi hasn't always looked so pulled together, but seeing her in this photo; hair up, black asymmetrical lace detail dress on, coordinating bracelets in just the right spot on her arm- I saw how she was so polished and professional she has become. Admittedly, she goes to an office everyday where she needs to dress professionally- I think it maybe frowned upon to show up in yoga pants and holey t-shirt. But regardless, even outside of the office she has her act together.
It's not practical for me to think I can chase three boys all day wearing anything "nice" and expect it to survive the day, but do I need to settle for wearing clothes that Goodwill wouldn't accept as a donation? The other night we left the house and I noticed there were actually several small holes in my shirt.
It's a strange thing being a mom. I can walk into Baby Gap and drop money on the boys like its no big deal. $20 for a Batman shirt? Sure! Let's get Captain America too and those sunglasses! What five year old doesn't need more overprices sunglasses? And oh! Look at those cute pajamas for Drew! Yes, he has three gigantic storage totes full of clothing from his two brothers, but really- he NEEDS these!
On the other hand, I feel guilty for picking up a pair of $15 jeans at Old Navy. The most shopping I do for myself is filling up my virtual shopping cart at Macy's and never make it to the checkout.
Yes, sometimes I'll splurge and


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