"You blog?!
After my post about StitchFix #4 that was the comment I got from several people. I laughed to myself because while this post is my 250th, I wouldn't call  myself a blogger. If you go back and read any of the my posts, you'll see I talk about this a lot. Ironic huh? It's been on my to-do list, my New Year's Resolution list, etc - I seem to keep trying to blog about things I think others will want to read about, when what I really should be doing is just blogging about whatever I feel like so I actually publish something.

So with that in mind, here's post #250

It's no secret I love clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry... if you were to meet me today it may not be obvious because it's pretty low on my list but come into my "space" at home and you'll see it. I love shopping for clothes in stores or online, I love reading about fashion and trends. And while I love all types of clothing I have one true love. Wedding gowns! Weird right?! In college I worked at a bridal salon and just loved everything about that job; the dress steaming, the unwrapping of new arrivals, switching the mannequins out for something fresh and new, finding the perfect dress for the bride to be. I must be a romantic at heart.

But since wearing a wedding gown doesn't happen everyday, I must resort to everyday clothes. This fall I have had my eye on a few pieces that I think will be fun to have in my wardrobe.

Fur Pom beanie
I've seen so many varieties of this cute hat! From Etsy, to boutiques to big box stores. The one I'm picking up is from MODE. I love the style, colors to choose from and the price- $14.99 ! Haven't shopped MODE before? You're totally missing out! They have locations popping up all over the place, in the metro you can stop by MODE at the Eagan outlets, Woodbury or in Roseville. See all of their locations here.

Black Skinnies
$15 for the perfect pair of black skinnies? Yes please! I scored these from Old Navy this fall and just think they're perfect. Great fit, super comfy and you cannot beat this price! I've worn them with flats, over the knee boots (see below) and rolled with booties (see below).

This trend is EVERYWHERE! Fringe is on everything this season from bags to sweaters to tops and of course boots. The pair I chose to go with are from the GAP. I also purchased these on sale, which you will see if basically the only way I purchase anything, and got them for under $20. They're faux suede and are the perfect height for chasing little boys.

Over the Knee Boots
Last year I toyed with the idea of purchasing a pair of these and felt they were too "Pretty Woman-ish" for me. This year I threw all of that out the window when I found these at Macy's. The wedge heel works well for my day to day errands and events and the suede gives them a rich feeling. Confession: after I saw these on the Macy's website, I searched Ebay and found them for $30 cheaper, still in new condition. Do your research! You can always find what you want for less.

I would also love to find a few sweaters, I'm still hanging on to my office wardrobe, which makes no sense, I need to get rid of a lot of it to make room for sweaters. Once I do, maybe there'll be a sweater post...


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