Ewww Saggy Skin!

I can vividly remember my very good friend Emily and I talking about having children one day and what that would look like.
"I  want to have kids but gosh, like, I realllly don't want to get stretch marks!"
"Oh I know me too!" "Can you imagine?!"
"And saggy skin!"


Oh yes, our college aged minds were all tied up in our own vanity. Of course now we both have children, three for me and number three on the way for her, but it seems some of those younger year insecurities of how your body changes after being pregnant once, twice, THREE TIMES or more, just don't go away. So here I sit, boy number two on my lap as I type, sweet baby bouncing away across from me in his jumper and our oldest at school and I see the immense blessing it is to have three, beautiful, healthy boys. But I also know that in the same breath that I say I am forever thankful for these wild little men, I also hear the old me clinging to the desire to wear a two piece without being uncomfortable, to pull out my favorite sundress, tank or skinny jeans and not give a second thought to my new squishy body. And its not to wear these things just because I once did, but because I like those clothes! :-) I don't LIKE wearing a one piece or tankini. I WANT to wear a backless dress on a night out if that's what I'm in the mood for. Its not wanting the old "me" it's about not losing who I am just because of what my body now looks like.

After gaining and losing a combined total of 135 pounds in five years (50lbs with  Cooper, 45lbs Parker and 40lbs with Drew) I should expect a different body. It is a body that made three perfect little humans. Seriously -  think about that. I created (with a little help from the Mr I suppose) three people. So cool.

Since having the boys I've become a runner. I have muscle you can actually see! All the lifting of tired bodies out of car seats after a long drive and from scooping them up after a fall from their bike. I can carry a baby carrier, a bag (or two) or groceries while pushing a gigantic Target cart all without spilling my Starbucks latte. Bravo to me and all moms with these mad skills.

Being healthy gives me energy and stamina to keep up with all of them and it gives me happiness. Over the course of the next few weeks I am going to be posting about an online challenge group that my incredible friend Amber is hosting on Facebook. There will be free workouts to do at home (because seriously- what mom has time to go to a REAL gym?) , free recipes (you must eat real food- not your child's leftovers), free support (really cool women who get "it")....did I mention this is all FREE? If you are interested to being added to this group, comment below, send me an email or direct message me on Facebook.   The fun beings November 16  -  I would love for you to join me!

With the holidays soon in full swing, it is the perfect time to give yourself the best gift of all- good health.


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