Welcome Back!

A fresh start always feels good. Wiping the slate clean and starting the day with what feels like endless capabilities and possibilities. When I started the blog I wanted an outlet to write what was on my mind. After a handful of blogs it became apparent to me that I let my insecurities hold me back from really doing anything here. I would put more thought into what others would think about what I wrote or writing about what others would find interesting to read instead of building a blog based on what I wanted.
I have also found that I much prefer a "live" platform. I would much rather be speaking all of this than pecking at my keyboard. Because while, as my husband will remind me, I do have a degree in English Literature, that doesn't mean I'm much of a great writer.
I plan to revamp this site and clean it up to let more of what I want take over. The past several months I've turned off much of the "real world" and turned in to my world instead. The world is always a very complicated place, right now it seems to be something different all together. Focusing on my immediate space seems to be the best way I can try to make it the world my boys can grow up in. And I'll admit that some of what I want to write about is frivolous and silly and full of vanity, but that's ok. It doesn't mean I'm not aware of all the tough stuff too. I know it's still there. I am just choosing to shine a spotlight brighter in other places.


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Ashley Wulkan said…
Far too often one tries to hide who one truly is. One should not have to. One should be able to say what one wants. It should not matter what others think. I admire that you were able to recognize that you weren't saying what you actually wanted to, and you are going to change it because you want to.

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