Attack of the late night munchies

Last night I was forced to eat handful after handful of Chicago mix popcorn... :-) so the day wasn't totally healthy. But it could have been worse...the ice cream was also calling my name.

Today skipped getting up at 4:45 in exchange for a few more hours sleep and a home workout.

30 minutes cardio

1 egg, egg whites of two eggs with salsa
24oz water

Banana and homemade protein bar mid morning

Typical lunch of large kale salad with tuna
24oz water

Afternoon snack was homemade protein bar

Dinner also to be determined.... Will update later but will likely be chicken, green veggie ( the boys will get some kind of pasta or bread with it as we'll and fruit)

Update- pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches

Also trying out adding lemon to my water. I don't like the idea of adding enamel eroding acid to my water, but I recently read how much good lemon can do for your liver... I need to read more on that though.

It's freezing here today so LOTS of indoor fun with the boys in store today. As I stand in the kitchen in sweats I'm reminded how awesome it is to stay at home with these two handsome little guys.


Unknown said…
Hi Jacquelyn! Saw your blog noted on your LinkedIn page and had to check it out. I, too, am devoted to working out and eating right. My latest focus is on eliminating GMOs as much as possible from our diet by buying organic ingredients for most of our foods. And kale is one of my favorites, too. Hope you are doing well. Keep blogging! From Lisa K

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