Week 39

Here we are well into week 39. :) Today brings another visit to the doctor to see if I've progressed anymore and to double check that I'm ok to travel for the wedding this weekend. Last week she said I'd be fine, "You'd get back in time." So today we will check again. Since Kevin is the best man it would be nice if we could have the baby anytime after Saturday. But we realize we aren't really in control of that yet.....

At my last appointment my doctor said that if I didn't have the baby by my due date, Tuesday, she'd set a date to induce for that same week. So it looks like nature or doctor will have the baby here by about next week at this time.

Because life is going to be changing I thought it would be nice for Anglica and I to spend some time just the two of us hanging out doing girl stuff. We spent last weekend having lunch at the American Girl Doll store, running around the Mall of America, shopping, carving pumpkins, baking... you name it. And to top it all off Sunday night we went to the Taylor Swift concert! She was so very excited for this, as was I. We were lucky enough to also have with us our sister in law Delayne, her sister and her nieces. It was a great weekend!


Just Jules said…
fabulous. just remember - from here on out your idea of "control" will HAVE to drastically change.

Oh, and that beautiful little birth plan that you have set up.... I know you do (I had one with Keegan) rip it up now. The candle made me sick, the music was annoying, the idea of sitting in water made my skin prick, and James being by my side hurt. Just take things as they come and keep focused on the end result.
Elizabeth Hoekstra said…
Good Luck Jackie! I am so excited for you guys. Let the waiting game continue. You are going to do great and Kevin as well. Love you guys and hoping you get to meet this little one very soon.
Elizabeth, Dan, & Dillon

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